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How to participate to the ''Sol-La-S’Day''






By participating in the "Sol-la-si-day" you become "sol-la-singer" for the project.

The project is really simple to realize. Below you will find the 4 preparation steps :

1. Form a group of 2 to 10 people

2. Contact a home for our elders or any other place

3. Register

4. Create your booklet of songs and make few copies




Description of the 4 steps :

1- Form a group

The project is a great opportunity to get together with friends, work colleagues, family member’s, citizens of a municipality, parents of a resident, volunteers, etc..

The project is an occasion to share songs with our elders, so no need to be a singer. Preparation doesn’t require any practice, you simply will create a spontaneous chorus with our elders.

You can invite people to join you using those small cards available to you (click on the picture).





2- Make a first contact with a home for our elders or ay other place.

You will need to find a place to realize the ''Sol-La-S’Day''. Contacting the place, you can make your request to the person responsible for recreation or entertainment. Explain the nature of the project and plan approximately 1h30 to 2 hours in total for the activity. The day would preferably be fixed on the first Saturday of the month of February. Request of this type are almost always accepted.


Once the group formed and the place to sing found, complete the registration form.



4- Create your singing booklet and make few copies You are invited to create your own singing booklet with the help of the tools available to you. This will allow you to personalize you booklet by choosing your songs (15 to 20) from a list of more than 150 songs. You can place the selected songs in the desired order. In a just a few click, you will have in hand your song booklet in PFD format, including a cover page and an index to help navigate through.

We invite you to make photocopies for your group and also few copies to give to your hosts. Most of the time, its possible that the animation service take care of making copies for the residents.

5- On site : This day can be personalized to match your colors, your inspiration. You can incorporate musical instruments, costumes, decorations, gifts and more. The layout of the room is also important so give it some thoughts. If you want, you can also visit the place prior to the event in order to get to know their favorite songs.

We suggest that your hosts be well integrated to the activity, which means that they each have their own booklet and participate fully by singing along, they love it!!!

Warning : Participants to the ''Sol-La-S’Day'', unconsciously commit to live an enriching experience from the human point of view.



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