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Other tools

Few small tools are available to you here such as :

Invitation cards :

In addition to talking live about the project ''Sol-La-S’Day'', you can invite people to participate with you or to form their own group by using those small cards. They could visit the web site and learn more about the project (click on the picture).  






Thank you cards for your hosts

We suggest you offer this small very simple gift to the hosts that you will visit. Its actually a little souvenir that will warm their heart. You simply need to write a little note and to give them at the end of the activity (click on the prefered picture)

(10 cards per sheet, print preferably on a thin cardboard and cut)




Invitation poster :

The attached poster, in Word format, can be sent to your host-group once final details have been added (when and where?). It will then be posted so all residents are aware of the time & place of your visit, and to build-up momentum for the event.




On site :

You are welcome to make this day, an event in your image and colors. You can incorporate musical instruments, costumes, decorations, gifts and more. The layout of the room is also important so give it some thoughts. If you want, you can also visit the place prior to the event in order to get to know their favorite songs.

We suggest that your hosts be well integrated to the activity, which means that they each have their own booklet and participate fully by singing along, they love it!



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